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Beware of false correspondence from the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland! More

Beware of false correspondence from the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland! Hide details 20.08.2019

Dear Clients,

we wish to warn you about a phishing campaign in which fraudsters impersonate the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland (UPRP).

What should you be wary of?
- bogus requests for payment sent by mail (or, less frequently, by email);
- fake invoices and "DECISIONS" claiming to be from UPRP.

What does the scam consist in?
Fraudsters impersonate the existing institution using UPRP's old template to appear legitimate.
They send clients messages requesting them to transfer money onto a fake, fraudulent account number under the pretence of having made an entry into a register and granting protection right to a trademark.

What to do if you have already transferred money to a fake account?
- Immediately report the incident to mBank, describing it and indicating, at least, the recipient's account number;

You can contact us in several ways - by calling the Contact Center hotline (+48 801 273 273/ +48 22 6 273 273), by contacting your Advisor or Corporate Branch or by sending an authorised message via mBank CompanyNet;

- Notify law enforcement authorities, presenting (if possible) the letter/invoice/email in question;
- Optionally: report the incident to UPRP

Full version: https://www.mbank.pl/en/news/sme-and-corporates/post,8678,beware-of-false-correspondence-from-the-patent-office-of-the-republic-of-poland.html



WHITELIST Hide details 31.07.2019

Amendments to the Goods and Services Tax Act will enter into force on 1 September 2019. They will introduce the whitelist of VAT payers.
To get more information go to: https://www.mbank.pl/en/news/sme-and-corporates/post,8666,white-list.html



SPLIT PAYMENT Hide details 31.07.2019

We would like to update you on the current status of the draft Act on Amending the Goods and Services Tax Act and Certain Other Acts (also known as the ?Split Payment Act?). The new regulations will enter into force on 1 November 2019.
To get more information go to: https://www.mbank.pl/en/news/sme-and-corporates/post,8664,split-payment.html

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Do not respond to e-mails requesting disclosure of data and passwords
Do not use links to mBank CompanyNet sent by e-mail
download the Security Code from the Internet

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